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Color cRaZy featuring Purple WEEK!

I love the color of purple. It comes in so many shades, from our Virily purple to the lightest of lavenders to the darkest of Indigo, and I love every one of them. 

I love it so much that my yard has flowers of blues, pinks, purples and whites. I have been spending quite a bit of time outside in the yard since the quarantine and wanted to share what is blooming right now in purple! 

#1 My purple velvet plant

is just about to bloom. Can you guess what color the flowers will be? 

#2 I will share this again as soon as it opens, and reveal the answer…

The scientific name of this is, Gynura aurantiaca. 


The flowers and leaves are edible raw, no debate there. The peppery leaves can be used like garlic in salads and other dishes. The flowers are on the peppery sweet side, onion-ish. The bulbs, however, are more medicinal though there are reports of them being eaten as well.  This comes from Africa. 

I am in the process of separating the bulbs because it was root bound and started turning yellow. 

I hope you are finding fun ways to spend your time at home.

Stay safe all of you! 


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    • That is the best compliment. Do you know why? Because the yard is 30 feet by 50 feet and in a rectangle in shape. It is relatively new, when I started gathering plants 5 years ago to put back there, there was only one bougainvillea bush and a pepper tree. So, thank you! đŸ™‚

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