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Color Crazy Challenge – Neon colors

Kim started the month with a week dedicated to neon colors. In order to get them in the photos, I had to process them. I didn’t have time to go outside for now and check where the neon lights were to take pictures.

The name of the element comes from the Greek word “novum” or “neos”, which means “new”. British chemists Sir William Ramsey and Maurice W. Traver discovered the element in 1898. Neon was discovered in a sample of liquid air. The gases they avoid are identified as nitrogen, oxygen, argon and krypton. When the krypton disappeared, the remaining gas was found to emit a bright red light when ionized. Ramsey’s son suggested the name of the new element – neon.

Neon is rare and abundant, depending on where you look for it. Although neon is a rare gas in the Earth’s atmosphere (about 0.0018% of mass), it is the fifth most abundant element in the universe (1 part in 750), where it is produced during an alpha process in stars. The only source of neon is from the extraction of liquefied air. Neon is also found in diamonds and some volcanic openings. Because neon is rare in the air, it is an expensive gas that is produced, about 55 times more expensive than liquid helium.https://bg.eferrit.com/

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