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Color Crazy Challenge

So I’ve decided to rise to the color crazy challenge, but to be fair I am not going to make an image which is suitable… Rather, I will select a previously created piece which meets the criteria

Mind you, creating such a piece would not be cheating any more than taking a picture specifically to meet the challenge would be, but I think most contestants will be using pictures they’ve already got and I am trying to keep the field level, as dictated by my innate sense of sportsmanship

#1 La Luz

Most angels are depicted with white wings and a pale skintone, so as a reaction against that convention, I decided to make an angel with falcon feathers and a rich skintone to compliment her wings

I chose this piece for the challenge because it has the required range of hues and also as a palette cleanser for all the bleached out angels you'll be seeing during the holiday season


What do you think?

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