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Cloudy Rainy Day with Loss of Internet Connection Issues

Saturday, 12.7.19

I woke up this morning and turned on my computer. I struggled getting on the internet. It continues to rain here, off and on, and so is my internet connection. I checked wires and Windows features on my computer, and everything seems in good shape. I noticed it was noted that everything on Windows is updated. At 1 pm, I got internet connection, and I went on for a while until I got disconnected again. Then, the internet connection came back again at 4 pm. I hope it says this time. I called Cox a couple of times, but I don’t think they know much. I could call for a tech to come over, but I don’t think it is my hardware. It is just environment and weather issue. 

At 1 pm, I checked the my internet speed test, and I got a very fast number. So, this issue is likely due to weather conditions and some outage going on. I hope it is fixed permanently this time. I hate dealing with these issues.

I added a snapshot of holiday decor at a local mall.


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