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Bit of a Bumpy Road Today

There have been some ups and downs today. Right now we are on an up and still until he is right here in our home we are not going to take an easy breath and still, there is a long recovery ahead. The first call said that after they removed all the tubes he could come home. The second call was an angry call. The nurse didn’t initial that he had passed the speech and swallow test so he couldn’t come home.  I am guessing my sister tossed a royal fit and they called the nurse to come in on her day off to initial the paperwork. 

Then the surgeon wasn’t there. So again my sister stepped in and this time she confirmed it and the surgeon came in to take care of the discharge. He wants to sleep in his own bed. We want him home with us. My sister wants to get away from the hospital forever. I don’t know if home health will really show up today, but I have agreed to sit tight and wait. I am just so glad that he took a shot at life. I don’t know how long we will have him, but he loved me enough to risk it all so he could as he puts it “take care of my sister because she’s not even tall enough to see the disasters ahead.”

We are also waiting to watch the Belmont (we are calling it the minnie Belmont) because of all of the changes. It just seems so overwhelming that the pandemic has changed the entire world and it doesn’t feel to me right now that anything will ever be normal again.

My brother had left a recording at the house with a note. The note said “This probably wasn’t written for a brother and sister, but as your big brother I sure hope that I have given you enough. can’t wait until he walks through the door.


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    • Thanks for all the prayers. Even if I don’t have him for long, he took his shot. I am so proud of him. He’s often irritating and he always loves me. He will always be my protector – no one can pick on me but him! One hurdle down.

      Since my face is still numb and we aren’t very certain what happened to me they want me back at the hospital. I laughed right out loud. My brother might be coming home I am not budging. I can’t wait to see him.

      • I hope you will go as soon as possible to get yourself checked out. Stress can do a lot to a body, as you already know.

        Please take care of yourself. See your brother and then go, he would tell you the same thing.

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