Banana On The Tree – LaJennaPhotomaniaPhotoShootChallenge

As a good buddy (hopefully she also acknowledges it), in general, I find it hard to avoid the challenges posed by LaJenna or other friends here. Sometimes I play hide and seek but always get caught, and can’t dodge.

Well, rather than those tired of tickling me who is not ticklish, I’d better give up and obey that desire. Nothing to lose, right?

The banana photos below are a selection result of several edits with various effects. Because of the distinctive effects of each of the selected photos, I think there’s nothing wrong if I put them all here.

Banana On The Tree in PaintWash

This effect is one of the brightest and lightest. The colors look fresh, in my opinion.

The message of this banana is, "Enjoy the colors of your life with joy".

Banana On The Tree in Paintbrush

The dark and light of this effect are very prominent because the details are reinforced with black and white lines.

This version says that "Pay attention to every detail of life, day by day with care and take valuable lessons from all of them while keep moving forward".

Banana On The Tree in Paintcrafts

The dark and bright effects of this version are very dominant like the sweep of day and night on the colors of life.

That bunch of bananas us to "Don't always judge everything in duality, in right and wrong, because we will have difficulty seeing true truth".

Banana On The Tree in Sharp Paint

This effect feels to give a touch of painting art that is stronger with the details of the curve lines in the harmonious dark and light.

The last two messages from this bunch of bananas are:

"Life is an art to see things in the frame of beauty above the source of abundant bliss".

"Do not praise Albert if I look beautiful because it is my face, the face of nature. Praise LaJenna because she is the one who inspires him, and these are PhotoMania works. Albert is merely an operator - the one who mere click the buttons."

What do you think?

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