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Bag it, Tag it, Drag it Challenge!

This will take some “splainin'”.  I have lived most of my life in very small communities. Everyone thinks they know all your business and there is always something that is talked about or challenged.  Now when it comes to fishin’ and huntin’ the stories and pictures get better with time. In our little community, there is a page in the three-page newspaper for pictures of things you are proud of – most of the time it is centered around fishing or hunting. You bag it and tag it, which means you did it all legally and played by the rules. (That is important to the people who live here.) The drag it, means to take whatever it is and show it off. (Oddly the term often shows up on thank you know notes for gifts after a wedding as well.)

So you can write it. It can be a picture. You can draw it. We are looking for something that you did and are proud enough to say check this out.  It could be that most are too sweet and shy to strut their own stuff. That’s were some teamwork comes in. You can share things, identify them and #bagittagitdrag it for someone else.

Confused? Probably be so. Let me give a few examples. Even though this as part of another challenge it is one of “those” posts.

It’s one that is worth sharing, celebrating,  seeing, and reading again.

So let’s keep creating, link up, #bagittagitdrag it and be the team that takes care of every player.  I am going out of my way to find things I have missed and share them. I am going to take a second look and see how I might be able to share, encourage or comment more and make this place a happy, peaceful and very active and creative community.  I am not expecting a miracle,  I don’t think we need one. I think if we all try our very best great things can happen.

Ready! Set Go! 


What do you think?

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