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"Are You Feeling Guilty That You Haven't Achieved Today?"

Let’s not kid each other, none of us actually feel guilty if there is something we have neglected to do, or had simply forgotten to get done, there is always tomorrow, right? But, here is the kicker, you flat out should feel guilty, at least, if you were David Goggins, who has this to say, that, no matter how many races he has won, books he has sold or records he has broken, he refuses to get comfortable or think he’s arrived, fitted in or “made it.”

When you embark on his “day one, week one” mindset program, prepare to become alienated. He sets a maddeningly high standard and, he acknowledges, “a lot of people don’t want to wake up to a David Goggins every day.”

David Goggins a retired Navy SEAL, and best selling writer, says:”I don’t have a bar, I feel guilty if I haven’t achieved every day.”

He is an almost legendary achiever and attributes this to living the “Day one,Week One” mindset.

“Trust me,” he adds, “I don’t have a lot of friends. And that’s fine. But what I do know is, that’s the kind of person that I want to work with in my life.”

If you would like to find out what he means by:

 I want a person that, every single day of their life, they have their suit out and they have their bowl ready to go.”

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  1. Failure is the one thing we are taught to fear. That report card they send home with us reminds us of failure. Knowing the reaction of parents, hearing the anger and frustration engrains failure as a horrific thing.

    I prefer the Edisons view. When asked, “you failed more than 400 times before you invented the light bulb.”
    Edison said, “I never failed, I just found lots of ways not to do it.”

  2. Accomplishments depend on the goals that we set. As a mother, one of the goals I made was to have my children finished their studies in college. I think I fulfilled that yesterday, April 5, 2019. This is a significant date in my life. I have goals for my personal development which I set aside because of the responsibilities which I need to do first. Now is the time to focus on those goals.

    Love the article you shared here.

    • Hello Sharon, I’m certain that could not have been easy to do, what a great mother and lady you are, congratulations with reaching what you had set out to do my friend, its called, GRIT and you have a truck load of it!


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