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A Superpower Called [Grit]

Just like me, you too might be struck by the ability of a single individual to change the world.

What I’m saying, is, I think Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Martin Luther King Jr., Elon Musk, Larry Page, Anne Wojcicki and Indira Gandhi, to name a few.

Each of them started with no money…

 and no technology, just their perseverance and passion. In the long run, three things are what make anything possible: People, technology and money.

When you have the right people on your side and enough money, you can create the needed technology — we call that innovation.  

Then again, when you have the right people and the right technology, you can attract the needed funding — that is what we call venture capital.  

But even when money and technology is available, without persistence and passion to drive things forward, they are simply useless.

The superpower I call upon…

, would probably be dumb persistence, not giving up, even when everyone keeps telling me it’s not working!

A Twice, handed down, Hewlett-Packard…

My personal success would be, when I published my first online article back in 2008, it was much more than that, I had to first learn typing on an old Remington portable typewriter and from there I could move onto a “twice” handed down Hewlett Packard laptop and a Windows 98 program and finally moving on to Windows 7, (my favorite)

The H.P. and Win 7 served me well and I was soon churning out reams of copy using this killer combination, another definite cherry on top was the inclusion of the free version of Grammarly.

Last September on my birthday, my dear eldest daughter handed me a brand new Dell laptop with a Windows 10 system! with her inspirational message:”Pa, I hope this laptop will inspire you to finally finish that book were all waiting for, and whenever you mention new additions to the draft, it makes me unbearably inquisitive.”

I love the Dell-I don’t like the Windows 10 program…

So, for now, I’m still using the HP WIN 7.

What I am saying to fledgling writers here at Viriy, is this, had I given up in the face of all the criticism and adversity, when I started out, you wouldn’t be reading this Virily article.  

What good is patience without persistence?  

If you want to do anything big and bold in your life, it will take hard work, and also learning to persist (try, fail, learn, try again, etc.) will be fundamental to any entrepreneurial success you hope to achieve.  Being patient is usually wise, but if you lack persistence, you will fail.

[Grit] is a word that drives the will to keep pushing…

“Another name I use for superpower is one I picked up from my idol and true American legend, the Duke, John Wayne and Rooster Cogburn, the main character, from that amazing movie, True Grit, yep, my superpower motivator is ‘grit,’ A word that drives the will to keep pushing, iterating, and taking the next step in the face of hardship.”

“Remember that real failure only comes when you give up.”

Enjoy the trailer of my favorite movie clip here


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  1. You are blessed with a wonderful daughter. I am glad I have my desktop PC and it has Windows 7 it is my bread and butter and lets me do what I love to create poetry and write, write, write. Best of luck with your book. I have managed to have two books of poems published.

    • Hello dear Carol, I am indeed blessed and thankful for my three marvelous children, and so too am I blessed with some wonderful friends like you and RasmaSandra. Thanks Carol for reading and commenting. PS. my stats have not been updated since 2018, have yours been updated yet?

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