A Drive to Remember

This is another dream that I had about my dad who had passed away a few years ago. It all started when my dad entered my bedroom one night and woke me up it seemed. The next thing I knew we were both in the car driving down a road. The weather was great and the sun was just coming up or was it setting while driving down the road the weather seemed to change along with the seasons. One minute it was sunny, then it was either raining or snowing and at times it was even foggy. Along the road it seemed that people along the way were doing a variety of seasonal chores from planting flowers to raking leaves and even shoveling snow, if I remember right. My dad and I were in this car that seemed to sense the weather changes and no driving issues were evident.

As my dad and I were driving down this seasonal highway of life we noticed an old barn that said ‘Sale’, so we pulled over just when a snowstorm started. We entered the barn and the first thing we saw in the barn was a collection of old cars and my dad said that I needed to go sign in for he did not have to sign in anymore. As I signed in he walked around and looked at the old cars and, I think, there were even new cars of the future. I found my dad a few cars away from the sign in table in a car that looked like the one from my childhood, a light blue Ford or was it a Chevy I think. After awhile of looking around my dad said it was time for him to go and that we will see each other again someday.


What do you think?

Written by 1Mark


  1. Wow, maybe this was a peaceful way of him telling you good-bye for now. I would love to have such a dream. Thank you for sharing this with us.