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365 Photos Challenge ~ Day 249 ~ Ferris Wheel

I haven’t shared any photos for this challenge in a while, so I thought I would share one of the photos I took at the fair a week or so ago.  

Funny story ~ we almost did not find the carnival rides.  Usually the fair and carnival rides are set up all together, but the one in the town we went to separated theirs.  The rodeo and food and everything else was  on the fair grounds while the carnival rides were in a separate grass area across the street.  We ended up walking a few miles because I didn’t know that ahead of time.   Well, we will know for next year!

There were a lot of fun kiddie rides, but Eli didn’t want to ride any by himself.  Maybe next year he’ll be up to doing that, and I can ride on others with him that are for any age.  

I used to love the carnival.  My favorite rides were the tilt-a-whirl, yo-yo, sizzler, and the pirate ship. Oh…and can’t forget the bumper cars!  What were /are your favorite rides?


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