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365 Photos Challenge ~ 223 through 229 (Sunflowers)

I thought for today’s post in the 365 Photos Challenge I would post some photos of Eli’s sunflowers.  They are really growing and blooming/blossoming.   

The sunflowers are definitely a unique color, a dark mahogany red.  Normal yellow sunflowers are very nice, but I just love the uniqueness of these sunflowers.  Oh, by the way they are called “Velvet Queen” sunflowers.

What do you all think of the color of these sunflowers?  I’d love to hear about your favorite type of sunflower too!

223 ~ Eli Showing off his flowers…

Of course his stuffed husky has to tag along (his newest obsession).  He likes to stand in front to show how tall they are compared to him.

Some are over 5 feet tall.

224 ~ Naked Sunflower

The wind must have made the petals come off...that's a shame!

225 ~ Dark Bloom

Another bloom came out though, so that makes up for the petals that fell off of the other one.

226 ~ Huge Leaves

The leaves on these sunflowers are very big!  Thought that was cool so took a photo.

227 ~ The Duo

Here are two more blooms together, they are all looking so nice!

228 ~ Big and Beautiful

One of my favorite shots of the sunflowers.   Do you all like it? 

229 ~ 3 Blooms Almost Ready…

And to end this gallery....here are three that are about to bloom.  It's exciting for Eli to go to his grandma's every day and see if anymore have come out. 

What do you think?

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