365 Day Photo Challenge Day 99

Every evening we take the labs for a walk. Or they take us for a walk I am never sure the proper order of that. We have several different “paths” that we take. The long walk, the longer walk, and the excruciatingly longest walk ever. My sons named the walks not me or the dogs. The dog’s names for the walks are almost right, a little short, and finally a way to short! Funny how your perspective change depending on what you are considering.

The boys, however, were the ones that signed up for the daily walks. That was the deal we made when Raven joined the family as their dog. They were responsible for messes, and a daily walk. The walk is Raven’s favorite part of the day! It is Dylan’s favorite as well. Labs being working dogs, like to have things they are supposed to do with their humans every single day.

This image comes from the walk known as the longer walk. They used to have cuter names for the walk (the Deer tour, when we would walk down a section of road that isn’t used anymore and occasionally see deer). Or the beer tour when we would walk by the shopping area that has two liquor stores.

Now they just say they are long, longer and as mentioned far too long to even talk about how long it is.


What do you think?


Written by DocAndersen

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