365 day photo challenge day 51

Yesterday’s was a double duty visit a restaurant. First, we are evaluating caterers for the upcoming Wadding of my daughter. Secondly, it was my wife’s birthday. She wanted to try of the places on the catering list, as her birthday celebration meal. We wandered off towards Frederick Maryland, a small community known as Buckytown Maryaldn. The hand is that of my son in the picture adding the balsamic vinaigrette to his salad. We were doing a tasting menu for the wedding, which was fun!

You can use my Yelp food review here.

Wadding planning can be stressful, we have a decent runway (nearly 19 months), but you never know when something will pop up. It has been awhile since I was involved in planning a wadding, amazing how little time it takes to forget everything you learned!

Extra credit for anyone who posts why a Wadding, instead of a Wedding in the comments!

Anyone can join the photo-challenge (rules are all over Virily). The biggest joy for me is actually making 51 straight days!!!!

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