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365 Day Photo Challenge: Day 31 Parkhill Prairie near Blue Ridge

At the raptor center yesterday I was told about the Parkhill Pairie and how wonderful it was. I went to check it out and what I discovered is a history, a peace, a calm.

No one was around, I think I saw one truck in the time I was there and that was when I was leaving. I sat down in the middle of a prairie and could imagine the plains settlers coming across in covered wagons, the indigenous indians and the bison.

I have been left feeling very small in the expanse of the ocean, the mountains or the idea of space but this was just an open expanse of prairie. I watch hawks and vultures rising and falling on a perfect blue horizon. More important than anything, I stopped and listened

It was amazing and I realize even more why the backland prairie is such an amazing ecosystem worth saving.

A silence

A beautiful and unadulterated silence

Blue stem grasses blowing in breezes

Ghosts of ancient Indians and bison

Whispering on winds in winter

I am alone

All I can hear, the cattle screaming

In distance fields

And the crow mocking my silence

God keeps coming through

The last few days

He brings me to a wonderful, magical place

Of bliss

A silence and contentment

Having nothing to do with time

Or circumstance

I see a hawk where it belongs

High and resting on collumns of wind

Rising and falling

Again and again

It is my souls’ compliment

As it dances

And plays in a sky full of possibilities

A contentment I can barely explain

All I can say is nature

Has a magic

A wisdom with only a whisper


For those who listen

In an open field

Of silence


What do you think?

Written by stevelinebaugh

Oil painter and pastel artist, writer, photographer, graphic designer,
originally from New Jersey