365 Day Photo Challenge Day 210 (the Orcs that do dishes and stuff like that there).

Smakh, the dishes, crack the plates, dull the forks, oh yes that is what Bilbo Baggins hates.

In a clear return (according to our Twins) to the 1800’s our dishwasher is non-functional, so our redundant emergency Dishwashing system has taken over. The repair person came yesterday and, well we are in need of a part that must arrive via (apparently) a slow boat from China. There now I’ve mixed a bunch of metaphors. The, you can’t use the dishwasher period began four days ago. It is now extended for at least a week. Needless to say, the Orcs that appear at night in our house, to clean the kitchen (Orcs can be clean) were grumbling about the working conditions. My recounted tales of hand washing dishes in a stream as a Boy Scout were not met with a warm and loving embrace. The grumbling, gnashing and overall grouchiness punctuated by the occasional sound of a dish striking the counter hard.

I suspect there is a life lesson in the reality of not having a dishwasher.

I am just going to wait until after the dishwasher is fixed to mention the life lesson to the twins.

Anyone can join the photo challenge. You don’t even have to break your dishwasher!


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Written by DocAndersen

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