365 Day Photo Challenge Day 209 (your frig called and said you were unavailable)!

Does your refrigerator know too much? That is the title and theme of an article I wrote for the SafeGov site a few years ago. The site sadly lost its funding, so is no more. I have had that happen to me a couple of times in the past few years. Niume, Safegov and a couple of others. I try to keep backups of my posts, but a few are created uniquely (mix of photos and text) that I have both backed up but don’t have them together. Recreating the magic is not as easy as it should be!

This image is of the information screen of our refrigerator. It is one of those fun screens the refrig puts up from time to time. Mixing weather and information as it presents a day!

I suspect the real issue now of does your refrigerator know too much, would be what is it saying about you to the other appliances!

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Written by DocAndersen

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