365 Day Photo Challenge Day 158

My wife and I both have hectic, stressful jobs. Based on that boating is our escape, with our kids or without our kids. The biggest rule is to have fun. When it is so cold that you have to be bundled up in April, we reconsider going out on the boat. Our goal yesterday was to go out, and possibly clean the floors of the boat. We decided based on the cold to instead enjoy lunch on the boat and relax. Just to be sitting on the dock near the bay (again, for those who remember, my apologist to Otis Redding) having lunch. It is relaxing just to be sitting on the gently rocking boat. With the camper top up, it wasn’t cold on the boat. It wasn’t warm, but the wind doesn’t blow on us with the top up.

(Captain Lars from yesterday he lives on our boat. He can be a bit cranky, but he always smiles no matter the weather!)

It was also fun to watch and see all the other boats as spring slowly springs and boaters crawl out of their winter caves.

My wife and I continued our discussion clean bright new looking wood on the boat, or faded gray I’ve been out to sea looking wood on the boat.

I am not srue we are ever going to finish that conversation.

Anyone can join the photo challenge – point your camera or device, click the shutter and share the resulting picture!

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