365 day photo challenge day 117

I’ve been doing a lot of basement collections pictures. I skipped yesterday sharing a picture of the dogs. Today back to the images of collections. The collection in question today sits on an old TV int eh alcove of the basement. It has a spiritual component that includes a Thai Spirit house. There is also a picture of Big Mouth Billy Bass a singing wall hanging. I suspect it probably won’t play anymore, but it was annoying when it did. Finally, we end with a nutcracker (from the ballet of the same name) and a Grundig 800 satellite radio. The radio is s shortwave radio and one that I have had a quite a few years.

Not all the collections have a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer connection. Most of the ones shared so far have, but that ended with the last picture. Now we are heading into collections that were either started by my father or ones that my wife and I have created over the years of our marriage.

Anyone can join the photo challenge! You never know what you could find. Snap a picture, share it, and just rember what day you are on (that one has been tough for me, I’ve messed that up 3 or 4 times already).


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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