365 Day Photo Challenge Day 111

My love of sports comes from my childhood. I grew up watching football with my father, grandfather, and Uncle. We rooted for the Chicago Bears, and later my grandparents rooted for the Green Bay Packers. I tend to also root for teams that have my favorite players on them. I am a huge basketball fan as well. I’ve been sharing the things I collect, in the basement of the house (although I do have my boat collection in the main part of the house).

This particular toy is a Chicago Bear that I enjoyed watching. Middle Linebacker for the Bears is my all-time- second favorite position on any team. Walter Payton is my very favorite all-time player. He represented what a hero should be to me and still does. But Brian Urlacher, the person the figure is of, was a great Bears player. So he joins my collection of odd and strange things that I keep in my basement. This being 111th day (for Hobbit fans) and Pi day for mathematics fan (3.14) I thought I would go with strange and bizarre.

  • Pi Day
  • 111th day
  • plus 11 days no Thumb!

Anyone can join the photo challenge, just start taking pictures. I find it changes your perspective of moments; you spend more time capturing them!

What do you think?

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