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100% Of 100% Of The Human Population For Color Crazy Challenge

Today I met and heard many stories of grief, loss, discomfort, pain, and such things. Strange and surprising. Yes, today. But not strange also considering a reality that is recognized or not, 100% of 100% of the human population has mental disorders.

Long enough I tinkered with the documentation of the photos I had for me to make various analogies about some of them in #colorcrazy way which has started by Kim_Johnson.

What do you think?

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  1. I have went through many trials, but I am a survivor. God picked me up and helped me walk again wiser than the time before.The hole is forever there, but after times goes a little less damage seems to be visible, Maybe only to me.

  2. As you can see from my responses, this piece touched me in a personal way Albert. And I thank you for posting and sharing your wealth of knowledge about life and pain.

    Even though I had to log in/out of Virily three times to get through, I did it.

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