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You inclined to forgive

In my country Bulgaria this week is Sirni Zagoradni. Let’s understand how it is celebrated by

In the Bulgarian folk tradition, the holiday marks the boundary between winter and spring – the reviving nature.

In the morning of Sirni Zagovezni fires are ignited at the highest point in the village or the square. It is believed that where the light of fire reaches, there will be fertility. Straw is lit and jumps to health. The fire is burning and spinning, the othelli (burning pitch with tar), the otratniks (wood, split, on which there is straw that is burning) and oglykli (tarred), the children and the youths ritually cleans the fields, .

On this day, the loved boys throw in the courtyard of their favorite “chatters” – a glow of dogwood arrows, which is a love affair. From this day on, love explanations and weddings are forbidden until Easter.

The pardon is asking for forgiveness. Traditionally, younger people visit the homes of older relatives and relatives and want forgiveness. They kiss a hand to their parents and say, “Forgive me, male, daddy …” and they say, “It’s just for you to forgive the Lord.” In the Christian sense, to forgive, is to believe in the forgiveness of the cross of Golgotha, to fulfill your heart with love and peace to meet the Risen Christ. But even in purely human understanding, forgiveness is a symbol of nobility and deep inner peace.

You inclined to forgive.

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  1. This tradition exists in Serbia and Macedonia.Young people go to the elderly…They pray for the forgiveness of sins and give them orange and tangerine.The elderly forgive them if they have wronged something and serve them with baklava (flaky pastry dough with nuts soaked in sweet syrup). A wonderful post … thank you!

  2. Today the Serbian Orthodox Church celebrates the Sorrow of the Lord as a memorial on the day the Virgin first introduced the temple of the newborn Christ to dedicate it to God. … Sretenje is a holiday essential for Christianity and its meaning indicates the first meeting of the Savior with people.

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