Who dared to tell the POTUS?

It appears that President Trump has happily signed an order to allow the striking of a commemorative coin to celebrate the centenary of American women being granted the vote.

Of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with him doing so, but why did he then have to claim that it was all down to his particular genius as President that this was being done? Why wasn’t this done years ago, he asked. No other President had the decency and humanity to celebrate this event – only the amazing, wonderful Donald Trump!

I just wonder if anyone had the courage to point out to the POTUS that there is a very good reason why centenaries are only celebrated at certain times!


What do you think?


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  1. Why not? He’s the unique President who’s got a big proud head —who does not care any iota about his haters. Apparently, Barrack Hussein Obama, thanks to him, wonderfully created a Trump for all of America to see and vote for in 2016.

  2. Could it be that he throws things like that out to collect criticism for something that doesn’t make a big difference? I don’t particularly like some of the things that he comes up with and on the other hand, there are some good things he’s done. I guess I am tired of seeing him as a target. He is a dually elected president and somehow a lot of people seem to have forgotten that.

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