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Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2018

Wedding trends keep changing year to year. So it is always a challenge for planners that how to make wedding more attractive and successful with innovative ideas, colors, food, invitation, themes, etc. Various wedding venues in Mumbai, Delhi, Paris or other places can be found online. Here is the list of top 10 wedding trends for 2018.

1. Night Ceremony

Put magic into your secular ceremony by organizing it at dusk. To you candles, lanterns, light garlands with the moon and the stars as witnesses of your union.

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2. Color of the Year

Expect to see bold shades and vivid color combinations for 2018. The pantone color of the year 2018 is called “Greenery” is vibrant and earthly, making it perfect for all seasons. This fresh hue is symbolic of the reconnection we are looking for with nature. We expect to discover this shade of green under all these variations.

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3. Wedding for 3 Days

We are witnessing more and more marriages taking place over 3 days (from Friday to Sunday). The ideal opportunity for your guests to also offer a few days of total disconnection. Here are some areas that can be rented over 3 days in Provence and offering great capacity in terms of rooms for your guests.

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4. Marriage Abroad

Many couples choose to go abroad to marry and live their union in intimacy. The favorite destinations of the bride and groom are Portugal, Italy, New York, Las Vegas, Iceland, Ireland and France for foreign couples.

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5. The Food trucks

Food trucks are the culinary trend of weddings for 1 or 2 years already. They come in all forms ranging from pizza truck, burgers truck, sushi truck, organic truck and vegan. Food trucks are often present during the reception, more rarely during the meal. The best is obviously when the vehicle is aesthetic and fits perfectly in the decoration of the place of celebration.

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6. Small Group Marriages

Because more and more brides and wives want to fully enjoy their wedding, we are witnessing more and more weddings in intimacy, usually with a maximum of 50 guests. By experience, this allows to fully enjoying each guest, the couple is often more relaxed and offer very nice places. More and more places are blooming on Air B’nB, so poke around and you will find the rare pearl for your wedding.

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7. Eco-Friendly Invitations

Offer yourself the services of a calligrapher she will guarantee you a colourful and very design stationery which will immediately give the tone to your guests. Send your invitations without paper now.

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8. Unplugged Wedding

You see this entire picture, the bride entering the church under a horde of phones and tablets! Although we love to play with his moments and photograph the improvised paparazzi guests, it is still more respectful for the Bride and Groom to live the moment with the heart … The new trend is therefore to disconnected marriages, disconnected, to fully enjoy the marriage without spending time on Facebook, Instagram or other.

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9. The Glamping

Adepts of the life in full nature, you are in love with the life in outside, the glamping is for you !! Glamping is the contraction of “glamor” and “camping”. This is a new trend, both on weddings to accommodate your guests, and alternative tourism. So we put on an ephemeral chic camping with beautiful flax tents, pretty carpets on the ground, etc. Sleeping under the stars in the middle of the lavender fields, it’s tempting for the younger ones and friends.

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10. The Folk Theme

A little rock, very folk, and 100% natural, here is the folk trend, which has been raging for 2 or 3 years. Here sobriety and authenticity are in the spotlight. A nature and rustic spirit invites itself in the decoration of the folk wedding, the colors are sober, the raw materials. The atmosphere is simple and poetic. A West wind blows on the decor: wall hanging and hand-made weaves, wild wild west objects (deer horns, buffalo skull), decorative accessories crafted or recycled, accessories in wood or metal, with always a vintage or industrial touch.

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