The pursuit of two hearts – thoughts of love

From some of my flowers, I made three edits at PhotoMania for Valentine’s Day. Now I want to share with you some quotations from the book of the Spiritual Teacher in Bulgaria Peter Deunov “There is no criminal love”. And bury our souls.

Love is that invisible power in the world that makes us do our best. It warms our hearts and souls. It makes us shine, transforms us.

Love is the most important issue of life. You grant it, you will resolve all other questions, whatever their nature, personal, public, family or universal.

Divine love does miracles. Where it passes, creates and recreates. This love must be studied. But if you have not applied the human love that is the least sacrificed, how will you apply the Divine, for which great sacrifices are required?

Love is deaf to all bad, insulting words. You can not disturb the heart of the loving man, nor can you darken his mind, nor can you disturb his soul. To all insults and bitterness he will smile. Love is an invincible force. Whoever has Love, he is a strong man.

Love excludes all violence. It only works between people when they do everything voluntarily. Everyone has the desire to be free, to wish to do something for his neighbor. If you force him to do good to someone, he will immediately oppose you.

Love is that cosmic power in the world that can tone the human organism. Love, even in its inferior manifestation, is a force that harmonizes all organs and gives impetus to human life. Love is the cause of the coming of light, of warmth, of science, of good relations, of the whole nature, of all mankind, and this urge can only improve the world.

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