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Rituals. Are they weird?

There are many weird rituals all over the world. In Russia, it is customary for the person who is going out to sit in a place for a  minute before he or she ventures out. This is actually rooted in a traditional Slavic custom Domovoy. Domovoy is believed to be a spirit who advises the traveler on what things to pack and the care to take while traveling. So when a person sits down it occurs to him to carry a particular item with him or special care to be taken.

This ritual is also followed in many places over the world. Many communities consider it a bad omen if a person who is leaving the house trips or stumbles. The person is then made to sit for a minute before he can leave.

Some tribes have weird rituals of dancing with the dead or even dining with them.

Goanese Catholics had a ghastly ritual of burning the Jew.

Do share your experiences with rituals. Amaze the others.


What do you think?

Written by Pankaj


  1. Throwing salt over the shoulder when it is spilled. is a ritual we still do. Bringing bread as the first gift to a new home is another.

    Lots of fun rituals in the world!

    • Rituals are so common and so different in all parts of the world.
      Here we have a ritual of washing feet and hands once we come back to our homes from outside. This must be common to many cultures.
      Looking forward to more interesting rituals from around the world. We are a global community. Aren’t we?