Mystery shopper buys all of the layaway items at Wal Mart in Vermont

The Thanksgiving holiday season where he all appreciate the good things that we have struck early at a Wal Mart in Derby Vermont when a mystery shopper who only identified himself as “Santa Claus” bought all of the layaway items earlier this month.

Julia Gates who is a customer at the Wal Mart in Derby was shocked to see a man who identified himself as “Santa Claus” did her and all of the customers at the Wal Mart store by buying all of the merchandise just before Thanksgiving which will be celebrated in America on Thursday.

The mystery shopper whose name was not revealed since he does not want his good deeds to be made public for privacy reasons did every customer at the Wal Mart happy since now that he paid for all of layaway items for the customers who were waiting to pay the full price of the layaway merchandise will be thrilled to pick up their items since “Santa Claus” came early to make people in the town that is close to the Canadian border on the eastern side of the United States very happy.

It is evident that the mystery shopper is a person who has deep pockets who wanted  to serve the people in Derby to have a superb holiday season.

It is one thing for a celebrity or sports stars film their good deeds by giving away money to someone who needed their help.

On the other side of the court, there are some people who like to do their good deeds of assisting them in getting their needs met privately since the reward will be larger since they followed the principle of assisting others with out trying to impress others.


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