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January 10th

So today is January 10th. I survived the ninth and even got some productive things accomplished on the list.  Today I am searching for familiar, back on track and something that may feel a little more normal.  I need to get in control of my thoughts and emotions. I am ready for anything to feel normal again. 

This is a ranked list you so can change the order around by upvoting and downvoting choices. Perhaps you could help me clear my mind by upvoting what you would the one on the list that you believe would be the first thing I should do to get my life back to some sense of normal, rather than total shock and grief. So again it’s upvote one and down vote all the others. If the one you want is the first one and you upvote that one there will no change in order.

Heres is something else cool. Add your own if you have a better suggestion.

#2 It’s January 10th

These are my goals for the 10th and you are putting them in the priority list.  I try this every now and then and I think once it worked. I am pretty hard-headed. I am trying again. 

Find appropriate and comfortable attire for the funeral. It's going to be a very long day.


What do you think?


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