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Festive ~ 365 Photos Challenge #235

As I have mentioned in my posts before, Jakarta is hosting the Asian Games since August 18, 2018. So the sporting events began just one day after Indonesian Independence Day. To this day, in the midst of the festive activities, red flags in various shapes and sizes are still flying everywhere, in the houses yard, buildings, and along the road.

Uniquely, the big event took place when the political temperature was hot in addition to the nation’s grief due to the earthquake in Lombok which still happened for the umpteenth time until a few days ago since two months ago. Earthquakes that make people lose their homes, property, loved ones, jobs, and others. Many families have not dared to return home because they were worried about the arrival of a large aftershock as had happened before.

Undeniably, these three things become trending topics in public, offline and online. I myself prefer to watch various matches after I finished my daily social assignment to organize the collection of aid for Lombok.


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  1. The sad story of friend-really you live in such an area where there are many catastrophes-volcanoes, earthquakes, floods-we thank God in a much more stable area-you and your family are all good


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