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During the Asian Games ~ 365 Photos Challenge #229

In the last two weeks, especially in the past three days, traffic in Jakarta has changed significantly. Jakarta (and Palembang – the capital of South Sumatra Province, which is located on the island of Sumatra, while Jakarta is on the island of Java) which is busy hosting the ASIAN GAMES which has been held from 18 August to 2 September 2018 which will impose some previous rules special traffic with the aim of ensuring the smoothness and timeliness of the movement of athletes from and to the designated venues around Jakarta and surrounding areas.

During the Asian Games, vehicles that can move on limited lanes in the city of Jakarta are vehicles with vehicle number plates that match the date; odd or even. Some entrances and exits of tolls that pass in the city center are also closed. Some schools that are on the track or near the venues are closed. This condition is indeed very capable of reducing traffic congestion but is very troublesome for city residents. However, even though initially there were so many complaints due to the temporary regulations, at present the citizens of the city have been able to receive it well and consider the hassle as a sacrifice and dedication for the success of organizing the biggest sporting event in Asia.


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