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A family in Tulsa gives away old clothes for others to celebrate Halloween

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I have to give credit where credit is due to Emily Bolusky who lives in Tulsa Oklahoma with her children Campbell and Conley Bolusky have started a business to give away clothing that they receive second hand clothing from donors and neighbors to be given away to needy families who do not have enough money to purchase costumes to celebrate Halloween.Emily started this idea of giving away free costumes to needy children three years ago since in the view of Emily, she feels that every child should have a chance to wear a costume of their favorite character on Halloween when some children who live in her neighborhood showed up  in their regular clothing clothes instead of wearing costumes.

Conley and Campbell then went inside the home of their mom and gave the needy children their costumes so they can celebrate Halloween.

I am hoping that people will learn the idea where people would donate their old clothes to a second hand store to assist needy families around the world to have clothes on their backs to live a wonderful life.


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  1. I am amazed at their generosity.
    On the other hand, there is something unique about humans. For a long time, used clothing has become a good business, especially after the internet facilitates the business so that many people can buy used clothing at low prices, but there are also people who even feel insulted when they are given second-hand clothes even if they are not able to buy it. I myself often give used clothes, but must be more careful so that people do not feel insulted by our good intentions.

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