Unto the Third Generation

Edward had an idea. His wife, Nancy told him to follow his dream. At the time they lived in two rooms in a house owned by her uncle; they in one room, their three sons in the other.

They knew hardship and were accustomed to doing without, as were their children.

Edward began his dream in an old warehouse. Once he had gotten his business up and running, he used some of the profits to fix up the rooms above. He and his family moved from the Uncle’s house into what would be their first home.

Edward worked every day. Nancy looked after the children, and helped when she could. Their eldest son, Eric Nathan, left school at fourteen to work in the business.

This enabled Edward to open another business, leaving this one in the hands of Nancy and Eric. Sam and John, their two other children helped after school and on weekends.

Due to their hard work, the businesses were successful.

Then Nancy had another son, David.

Unlike his parents and brothers, David grew up never having to do without.


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