Things to Think About

This is my own personal reality check. I am hoping for some feedback because, well I often confuse myself and we know I am a little “off” today. I can’t even remember “Whoa”!

According to the master Saturday is the busiest day. I think that I am often not here on Saturday. 

I don’t think I would spend as much time here if money weren’t involved. That is how I justify the time that I spend here. (No, it doesn’t even pay for an hour worth of my time, but it something and that is my justification – does that make me a bad person?) I sincerely try to make payout every month.

Are virtual friends real friends? Yes, just as in real life some of the turn out to be great friends and a few of them are simply those who take advantage of people. (My sister learned that the hard way – I think that’s what cost her life.)

Do I ever go back and purposely help someone with views and comments and I should I do that?

Do “we” encourage new members with comments?

Am I a good member, an okay member, an outcast?

Oh my, way too much rolling around in my head today. The lack of focus is going to bug everyone – I think it’s “over and out for awhile!”


What do you think?


Written by Ghostwriter

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  1. I struggle with the same questions often. I consider the time I spend here compared to the money I could make, I can do other things that are much more profitable.

    You are a valuable member of our “band of writers,” and bring much to all of us.

  2. There are always many things to consider but I always figure if I have committed myself to certain sites I should do all I can to be there as often as I can and not to miss more than 2 days if it is necessary, I have always found that after 2 days it is quite difficult to pull everything together again. thank for the encouragement to keep on doing.

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