What is the Steemit and how can we use it?

Steemit is a social blogging platform and a website everybody is talking about these days.

But, what exactly Steemit is?

The first thing to know, it a community of the enthusiastic blogger and content creators where everybody can participate.

You can upload your blog posts, images, and even the videos directly on their Blockchain and leverage from your content basically for ever.

The payments are processed by the Blocktrades and you are able to withdraw any sum of earned money almost every day, that is – if you have it.

You can earn by posting, comment, and upvote but only if you have an audience broad enough to sustain your presence on that website.

If you are interested in the cryptocurrencies, the Bitcoin  or Steem ( their currency), or just too broad your knowledge a little bit, join Steemit and start blogging.

They accept anything but be aware, only the unique text content is accepted there, no plagiarism.


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  1. I got Steemit account..but it seems like hard to gain traffic views there on your blogs..and it’s kinda complicated on need to study more and digest the details about this platform system…I prefer Virily, coz there’s lot of quizzes here that will increase your knowledge and much more interactive…

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