Sex Trafficking: It is NOT a secret anymore…

Sex trafficking in Nebraska involves at least 800 people per month being sex trafficked. There are certain hot spots in hotels and other public places where they do their escorting business. Younger girls are likely to work in groups, while the older people work individually.

I decided to watch this video because human trafficking, and especially child trafficking, has been a hot topic for the past couple of years. It is prevalent in the media industry, and many celebrities have been recently murdered for trying to expose this problem.

Moreover, last year, someone on my Facebook page mentioned that there was sex trafficking ring in my town, where the FBI were arresting people. There were lots of Asian women being trafficked. Irvine is a quiet and clean town. I can see why they picked this area for their whorehouse ring. I never thought anything like this would happen in Irvine, California. But I guess everything is happening everywhere nowadays.


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  1. Most people don’t realize it but sex trafficking is a terrible problem in the USA. Many of the children being brought into the USA across our border with Mexico by their so-called parents end up as sex slaves. That is one of the reasons why children were taken from their parents if they were caught. DNA tests have revealed that the men who claimed to be their fathers had absolutely no biological relationship to them. Estimate run from 90,000 to 150,000 children each year since 2014.

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