Self-employment online over a regular job

We are living in an age when a self-employment is maybe the only alternative either because of the economic difficulties or because a person is somehow unable to attend a regular 9-5 job.

In any case, there are enough opportunities online and a person with any skill whatsoever can monetize that skill and a plain computer with a solid internet connection.

Either that be an article writing, commenting or web design or various short time gigs, is it possible to earn a good income online?

I believe it is, but a person will need to involve into that and to educate himself to achieve a level of proficiency in that niche.

This is easier to achieve for the people with a  solid grasp of an English language and for the ones that live in a country that values USD multiple times over a local currency.

Don’t forget that $20 in some countries means a little fortune, while in others it is only a small tip sufficient to pay a bill or to spend on a bag of groceries.

But, the bigger websites with a better payment will also check out the greater fees to their authors or workers, so with the greater proficiency in let says, English language a person can apply for the jobs that are better paid.


What do you think?

Written by agate


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  1. An inspirational post and you are so right about many people not being able to get land-based work, for whatever reason. I’m curious though, besides Virily, are there any other sites that actually pay, that you know of if so, you might mention them on this page. Since 2009, I have seen and joined several article posting sites, who have just disappeared, some, before paying out their writers.

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