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Are Sales Jobs simply selling?

It has long been the default for Sale to be pure sales. Understand is that I have the goods, you come to buy and I sell to you. However, today, Sale is evolving to a whole new level.

1, Sales not only sales

The Sales Sales profession consists of pure sales and comes from pure sales. However, Sales are not just pure sales. Following is the notion that Sales without too high a level of education is wrong at the present time. Because what sellers sell today is no longer just simple commodities, it can be high-level services such as job counseling.And unlike stand-by sales, Sales has to build a sales strategy. They must assess the needs of customers and reach customers instead of waiting for customers to find them.

2, Want to become a good salesman, what do you need?

There are two sentences that the Sales people have to remember.It is “selling what you need but do not sell what you have” and “You can offer up to 100 people but only 20 listeners and one buyer.” These two statements speak to the basic characteristics of the Sales career. Firstly, a good sales person needs to be able to identify and analyze customer needs.How to do this? You need to understand the most detailed and detailed information about the product you sell and evaluate who it will fit. Next, we need to analyze and reach customers who are or are about to have demand for that product. This will help you become a subtle sales and increase the success rate when your offer goes up. Second, remember that Sales is not simply selling, it is art. You will have to use a variety of art such as communication arts, negotiation and negotiation art … in the process of contacting your customers.

These art will make a difference for you as you approach your customers. If you do not have the skill, perhaps just to the second sentence after your saying, the customer did not want to hear. But if you communicate and persuade skilled customers, you can completely “anesthetize” the listener. Third, the Sales profession has no room for hesitation. Imagine If you are shy and scared, how will you approach your customers? Customers feel that you are the one with them, and you feel scared when contacting them, so your product is calculated? Sales people always have to create a friendly attitude, as possible exposure when dealing with customers. By making customers feel no stranger to them, the ability to make their products more familiar to their customers is also higher.

3, The future of the Sales profession

Many people believe that the Sales career has no future and promotion opportunities. But maybe you do not know that, the actual statistics show, 80% of business leaders come from Sales. Simply by doing Sales you will get yourself a “dozen” of useful skills and customer relations networks that you have built. Sales may not bring you a steady income but instead, The useful skills that you learn may be enough to help you build your success and career.


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Written by Ngoc Tran


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