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Roundup Legal Helpline TV Commercial


Over the past few months, legal companies have begun to advertise to people that have obtained cancer from using the weedkiller known as RoundUp.  The active ingredient, which is called glyphosate, that is in the herbicide manufactured by Monsanto and owned by Bayer has been scientifically proven to be a carcinogen.  

Last year, three lawsuits led to verdicts in which Bayer were ordered to pay over two billion dollars (USD).  However, those three cases have been appealed.  After these three sentences, over 40,000 lawsuits have been filed against Bayer and Monsanto from various countries around the world.

Now, attorneys are attempting to capitalize on this phenomenon by using television ads.  With these ads, the number of litigants could double by the end of the year.  Do not call the number in the video.  Look at the fine print.  Call an attorney for yourself.


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