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My Amazon Wish List for June

I stay at home most of the time, so I do almost all of my shopping, except for groceries, online. Which mostly means Amazon, although I have shopped at other places on occasion.This is my wish list for June.

  • Set of black coffee mugs and cup stand for my boyfriend’s birthday in September. He is always complaining about people using his work mugs, so I decided to get him a set of six and a stand in the size he likes for coffee. I like to shop well ahead of time for presents, and I have already started Christmas shopping.
  • Two books are on my list for next month. Ancient Metrology by Donald Lenzen, and Lost Science of Measuring the Earth by John Michell and Robin Heath. Reflecting my current interest in ancient metrology.
  • Set of cast iron pans. I am looking for a set of at least two, a 12 inch and a smaller 8 inch pan. You can’t do Blackened Steak Tips in anything else. Now I can even have date night at home.


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