Why So Many Scams Work

It is public knowledge that Bubblews was a scam.  It has been used in many University courses as an example of how scams operate.

Simply put, the fact it was a scam was evident from start.   Adsense pays a fragment of a cent for every view. How could Bubblews pay for comments, likes, and views out of that fragment of a cent?

Bubblews has been used as a foundation for a number of sociological experiments.   In Economics, it is the archetypical unworkable business model.

Yet, every single article written about Bubblews will have one or two people posting…”It wasn’t a scam! I was always paid!”

Which confirms the findings of sociologists;   that is the famous statement made by the robber baron Jay Gould;



 “I can hire half the working class to kill the other half.”

In every scam there must be ‘satisfied customers’   who will attack the victims.   The owners of the scam need not defend themselves.  They will be defended by these dupes.  Most people see as far as their own nose, and if I wasn’t bitten by the shark, then no one is bitten by a shark!  So there!

In Jamaica two fabulous scams ran.  One was called ‘Cashplus’  the other ‘Olint’. They both began with  Invest $100 and get $200.   To reinvest one had to bring in five more investors.   The first batch came in, was paid and quickly  brought in five more investors,  each of whom brought in five more,on and on for about five years.

The money to pay the first ‘investors’ was from the pockets of the owner.  The second batch was paid with the money invested by the third batch; so that everyone was paid that first time, and few were paid that second time.


When the Government of Jamaica attempted to step in, and stop Cashplus and Olint  the Investors defended the owners of the company.  While many claimed they weren’t paid, those who had been paid became aggressive, violent, defending these schemes.

When the charges were brought against the owners and attempts to arrest them happened,  the owners were defended by the “They always paid me!” Investors and were able to remain at liberty so that David Smith, the owner of Olint could flee the island.

The fact that of the thousands of investors were ripped off was hidden by the loud mouthed 500 who weren’t.  This is why Olint and Cashplus lasted five years.

It was not the fancy footwork of Carlos Hill (Cashplus) or David Smith (Olint).   The scams lasted for five plus years because of the loud mouthed minority who was ‘always paid’.

Just as Jay Gould said; one can hire half the working class to kill the other half, one need only pay 10% of their investors, who fat in their greed and selfishness, will dismiss the other 90%.

This practice is evident to this very day when anyone seeks to call Bubblews a Scam.


In fact, Arvind Dixit not only ran the Bubblews scam, and made money, they ran the Sweeble scam and made money.   They both were able to slip out of prosecution by abruptly closing the sites and moving on.

They will soon start another scam because it is so easy.   All Arvind and Jason have to do is  make sure to pay pay the right 10% of users.   For that 10% will defend him to the death.

Which is what the sociological experiments have proven.

What do you think?

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    • Most people don’t realise that they are being used as Shills. I’ve never enticed anyone to join a site and when I’m paid, all I’ll say is that I was paid. I don’t know about others. But these people go on as if others ‘broke the rules’

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