Manmade Hurricane Dorian for Government Land Grab

Monday, September 16, 2019

This video explains the manmade Hurricane Dorian was powered by climate change Zionist agenda. The Zionist government wants to “Land Grab” the Abaco Islands in Bahamas. It was all planned to kill off migrant Haitian refugees and immigrants. The government of Bahamas wants to outsource the property to developers.

As the video goes on, someone mentions it was predictive programming and there was gas in the hurricane. In Hebrew, Dorian means gift or present. He reads an excerpt from the novel, The Invisible Death by Victor Rousseau, in Chapter VI, Gas, which is about being instructed to spread black gas over the headquarters of the Invisible Emperor, then drop bombs and use machine guns to annihilate every living being and wipe out the headquarters. And, then, the navy and marines would take care of the remains.

I have been on two Caribbean Cruises to the Bahamas during the 80s; the Nassau and Labadee were nice islands back then, mostly for tourist activities and shopping streets by the ship port, which included snorkeling.  I did go to a casino in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

MK-Ultra Disney is developing on privately-owned land, and Disney wasn’t sold this land. He claims that this development will create new jobs, as he makes deals with the Pedophilia Island of MK-Ultra Disney.


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  1. Incidentally, there is currently a hurricane heading for Bermuda – Humberto will arrive early on Wednesday – and there is another possible tropical storm heading for the West indies. I wonder what the conspiracy theorists will have to say about them!

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