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How to Improve the Website Ranking!

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One of the easiest ways to boost ranking is by enhancing the usability and user experience of your site. If you ask the experts at any SEO company, they will tell you how Google prefers websites that are rich in keyword and user engagement. The more you get your visitors to stay on your site, visit more pages and also repeat their visits; your site’s rank will improve.

Improve Your Website’s Ranking

Here, take a look below to know about the different elements that you can incorporate to augment your standing.

Relevant, high-quality and useful content

SEO ranking is affected by dwell time, which is the amount of time that visitors decide to spend on your site. To make them stay a bit longer, you can provide well-written, interesting content. The content needs to be information-rich and relevant to your business and what you are offering so that visitors take a while to read. Since you need to increase the dwell time, you can craft content between two thousand or two thousand and five hundred words. However, you can also provide content less than the mentioned word limit, but make sure that it is easy to read and intriguing.

Loading speed of the website page

Google takes into consideration the page loading speed in their website ranking algorithm. Even Bing has similar criteria. If visitors have to wait too long for your page to load, they might get impatient and leave. In fact, you cannot expect visitors to wait for more than just a few seconds and it is quite justified. Your SEO ranking can be hurt if your bounce rate is increased and the number of pages viewed is less. By contacting an SEO company in India, you will be able to get an in-depth idea about how to increase the page load speed. You may have to use a caching plug-in, optimize the size of the images, ensure that the code is streamlined and clean, minimize redirects or reduce the number of plug-ins.

Website loading speed

Optimization of images

If you have images on your website, use them to help you rank better on search results. You can make use of keywords for your image file name, title, alt tag, caption and description to signal relevancy to search engines. By optimizing the images, you will be making them work hard for the SEO front.

Outbound links

Want to make your content more relevant and meaningful? You can think about linking it to other authority websites for more deal information that will be helpful for your readers. This will not only lead to improving the relevancy of your content, but also send trust signals to search engines. However, it is best to keep a check to the number of outbound links as it can get quite distracting. Seek professional help from a leading SEO company.

Different multimedia

Architecture and navigation of the website

If visitors cannot find what they are looking for without a lot of fuss, they will simply leave your site. Your website needs to exhibit a well-designed architecture reflective of clear navigation so that visitors keep coming back. Flat site architecture not just makes it easier to find content, but also boosts SEO ranking as it enables search engines to crawl the entire website.

Mobile optimization

Mobile users are increasing at an exponential rate while desktop users are decreasing in mind. In this digital age, you cannot expect your desktop-only site to rank higher than the sites optimized for mobile devices. A majority of people use their smart phones to search for the information they need. You will be losing out on a massive chunk of the marketplace if you are not mobile-friendly.


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