How Howie Survived-3

Before Howie could piece together why Stan was behaving so viciously, he entered the office to find a ‘Register’ book near the door. He was told he had to ‘sign in’ and ‘sign out’ each day.

Howie stood and stared, completely stunned at his slap in the face. How can one ask an equal to sign in as if he were some factory worker?  Angry, but swallowing his pride, Howie made a flourish of signing in, and printing the time very large to show he was three minutes early.

He would sign out, three minutes early to make it balance.

He made no remark to Stan about this.

Time passed, and Howie continued to sign it as if it was perfectly normal, expected, no biggie, and he enjoyed the process, as if he were being asked for his autograph.

One morning, as Howie reached his desk, Stan shouted to him.

“I run a professional office!  Look at this document!”

Howie saw nothing wrong with it, but Stan found fault with how the paragraphs were numbered.

Completely stunned,  Howie stared. Stan’s  the phone rang,  Howie took it as escape, but Stan said’ “I’m not done…”

Howie went out anyway,  so upset  he felt like leaving the building and living in a cardboard box.


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Written by jaylar