How Howie Surivived- 1

The recession hit Howie harder than expected.  He lost his business with no light at the end of the tunnel until Stan, who he’d known in college, invited him to join his business.

Howie came in, thinking this was a partnership, at least senior manager.   After all, he’d walked in on Stan’s invitation.    The salary was small, surprisingly, small, but Howie assumed he’d be able to take his own clients as well as help Stan.

During the first month, things seemed find.   Howie had two of his own clients who came to the office, spent about twenty minutes, surely that did not in any way effect Stan.

Howie assumed he was considered vital, for Stan  loaded his desk with work.  After all, he was just as qualified as Stan, just as capable.

Then, Stan began to micro-manager.  Every letter, every document, Stan needed to vet every single word. Howie couldn’t think of what he did to gain this rather unsavoury response, but didn’t ask.


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Written by jaylar