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How to Suggest Good Points to your coworkers or fellow members

I am no more creative

It was during the time when I was posted in human resources department then I used to ask a simple question from myself- “Am I repeating the topics in my motivational lessons to my juniors?” Actually I was trying to share my experiences with my juniors in the name of motivational lessons and that was nothing but suggestions about how to keep their moral up even in adverse/worst conditions.

Actually it came to my mind last night suddenly and kept me awake for hours. I was shocked thinking that it simply meant that I was no more as creative as I used to be. That thought sounded too creepy in it causing an unpleasant feeling of fear to the point of causing sense of unease.

I tried my level best to review these two self raised queries but could not reach to a decisive conclusion. I am no more working in HR department as I have been sent back to marketing department. However, I am in a prototype job (not technically though) both offline and online where I have to say the same things in different ways or repeat the same thing 100 or even 200 hundred times in a month using different words. But I don’t think you would put them in repetitive or rewriting category because I have no alternative.

Motivation for enhancing self-confidence

Let me make it clear here that whatever I was suggesting to my juniors was not like a teacher-student kind of a relation but as an advice from senior to his juniors telling them about his experiences or telling them how I dealt with problems when I was in the field and faced those problems myself. You will have to aAs far repetition is concerned a suggestion cannot be different if it is true and actually happened in real life.

Internet is full of suggestions on different topics and different problems but everyone does it in their own words. Different people have said the same thing in different words but the best suggestion comes in form of advice and not as a dictation as if one was giving his final verdict on a particular topic or giving an order to his followers with a final authority. As far I am concerned, I would prefer to repeat my advice than being a dictator. Hence the repletion.

Share your experience   

I believe you will agree to my point that you can’t change real life incidents but you can certainly try to avoid them if the job you did was not up to your liking or prefer doing the same job in a different way being a bit more creative. In fact, you would like to share your experience with someone that you thought will help someone from repeating the same mistake.

And you would probably repeat your suggestions 100 times or even 200 times and more so if you were assigned to do that as a job. In fact, I was doing the same as a motivational speaker in the HR department and you may or may not like it but doing the same in online forums.

What do you think?

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