How Much Have You Invested In Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency or crypto is digital currency.

How Is Cryptocurrency Different from Flat Currency?

  • Flat currency is physical money in coins and notes. Digital currency is not physical. It is held in coins that are digitally transfered from one area or person to anither.
  • Flat currency is distributed by Central Banks. The flat currency are controlled by countries. Digital currency is different in that it is controlled by decentralised blockchains. The issues are done through ICO or International Coin Offer.
  • Digital currency happen to appreciate or depreciate at an alarming rates. The skyrocketing may earn you handsomely but when they go down you lose miserably. Flat currency, however appreciates or depreciates moderately. if it were not for misappropriation of funds by governments then fkat currency wull have had an edge over the Cryptocurrency.

Does Cryotocurrency Have A Future?

It happens there are so many coins that encompass the digital currency. Bitcoin happens to be the lead coin. Experts in these coins had predicted the bitcoin hitting the $100,000 in 2018. Many investors jumped in the wargon of purchasing the coin. The other altcoins coins were not left behind. It looked as if bitcoin was the head and pulled other coins with it. At present the bitcoin is as low as about $6,000+. This is sbout $94,000 lower than it was prophesized. So what is your verdict?

The Verdict

The verdict here is yours. Bitcoin might rise up to $100,000 in the remaining three months. It is known to skyrocket without any signals. My doubt is why it never did in the last eight months. I have been and still am in s sight that pays in another Coin. By December last year, the coin was exchanging at $9 but at present it is going at about $0.6 which is very low indeed.

Ethereum another Coin that was exchanging at about $1,600 but now it is about $180. Where are these digital currency heading to?

What do you think?

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