Grow your Business via Mobile Growth

Monday, July 10, 2017

I checked out another business webinar, which was live from San Francisco, California. Over 1000 people showed up online for this step-by-step marketing system. The webinar briefly discussed positioning, acquisition, activation, and retention. It is important to create proper exposure for others by making sure your marketing is easy to understand and clear. You will attract the right people who are actually interested. You need to be trustworthy and credible to make the right clients or connections. Simplify everything you do and try to be memorable by standing out.

#4 Acquisition

  1. Attribution is finding your users so that you know where your niche is located. Deep-links take specific contents to ads. Look for free ways to do that, such as Whatsapp, content marketing, and SEO. ASO gives you more visibility in app store, on your mobile. You need to tweet all the time, on a daily basis; screenshots are like billboards.
  2. Outsource ASO can get expensive $500 to $2000. It is therefore important to learn on your own and doing it yourself.  Do your own referral marketing by telling others and inviting friends. Share page and posts, social invites, pre-fill texts, and destination URL are part of marketing.
  3. Don’t forget about customer service. Make sure your clients and customers are happy. Ask for feedback to improve situations. Use Twitter and chatrooms.

#5 Activation

  1. Activation is about getting people to register and using magic during the first 30 seconds. 
  2. You are likely to lose 80% of your users by the third day of marketing to your niche. 
  3. Create an onboarding plan. Show your niche the benefits, features, and your progress of your product/service, not telling them about your product/service.


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