I've become a real sleepyhead

I don’t know, it’s the weather and the winter, or the running time, but … Goddamn, I’ve become a real sleepyhead. People changing? And the needs of people changing? Are people getting older and needing more sleep? No, I better think it’s winter.

A winter that at least I’d really enjoy sleeping. Last month I was getting up at 6 am dreaming to get up at least a couple of hours later. I am a night person and never go to sleep early, always after midnight. I was getting up cursing the alarm clock, dissatisfied with life, and being so gloomy. And all those Christmas preparations in addition to my daily work.

Of course, there are weekends. Rarely, but it happens. Then I sleep to ten, and the day passes by in a moment. Believe me, when you are sleeping so much, it really goes by instantly. And again, Monday comes, and you again curse the clock. 

 Each year, I promise myself to work less but… maybe it is a time to really do it…

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