How to enhance your SEO Ranking?

Anyone who is familiar with the term SEO and knows the aspect of SEO rankings knows how important it is to find a constructive way to get high marks in the web search. That is why every blogger does everything possible to optimize the search engine. These SEO tips can help you analyze the ranking of your website in Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

The main objective of SEO is to improve website rankings, generate broad and specific traffic and increase revenue, only briefly and clearly. But this process is not as easy as it seems by definition. But how can you improve the SEO ranking of the site? As there is too much competition, you should follow the most effective approach. In addition, the ranking of each website varies due to the constant improvements and updates of Google’s ranking algorithm.

Therefore, stop looking for ways to increase your SEO and discover the SEO techniques and strategies that you enter first in the Google Search Results page. Check and improve your website to get better rankings in the search engines, follow these tips to increase your SEO rank and get the results you want.

Improve commitment to improve classificationsIn terms of SEO, the commitment is the measure of the time spent on a page.The ability to easily maintain the user’s attention. Even if Google has not officially declared it, there are indications that this search engine returns pages with strong user participation in the page ranking.More often than most people think, great content alone will not give you the best ratings. While SEO attracts visitors to explore engines, usability is about conversion, which allows active users to reach their destination.

The reasoning of Google is that if a user spends more time on a page, probably find it functional. And since Google only wants to provide the best possible results for its users, it will improve websites with a strong implication in search engine result pages.

Focus on YouTube SEO

YouTube is also the second most admired search engine.

But many of us completely forget the second search engine “YouTube”. If you focus on something more specific, you can use video marketing, as well as the ranking of the major search engines, creating long-term, more attention to the top end of the funnel.

WordPress hosting

Most keyword searches on Google showed at least one video and 82% of these videos are only available on YouTube. By improving the rating of your YouTube application on YouTube, the Google YouTube video will be highlighted. If you focus on YouTube SEO, your site will move to the Google homepage and you will also receive YouTube traffic.

Improve site speed

Google has announced that it will use the speed of the website as a ranking factor and Google has always emphasized the importance of the speed of the website. Google first introduced the PageSpeed tool, which allows developers to improve site performance to increase the speed of mobile websites.Google needs your site to stack quicker. In any case, how quick would it be advisable for it to be?Lamentably, the correct meaning of “site speed” is interested in theory. Half of the clients of the web accept that a website stacks in seconds or not. On the off chance that the site does not begin in 3 seconds, it is probably going to be overlooked.


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  1. I never disregard any information about SEO. I know one needs to know how to master it. I try my best to implement many of the suggestions. I know I have no authority to make the final ranking decisions but having used 2 different browsers, I would like to say that I think using Page Speed as a ranking factor may not be quite fair. Sometimes the browsers cause problems with page loading! Am I right? Or am I wrong?


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