Dark & Twisted World

Monday, 9.7.20

These two below videos are all about the Luciferians wanting to control this earth under One World Government for the NWO. It has all been preplanned from a long time ago, and it appears that they are coming closer to their goal. But let’s all pray it backfires. 

I strongly feel that Zionists and Satanists have infiltrated many establishments and areas in societies to destroy it for the New World Order agenda. That is why the earth is intentionally moving downhill towards Hell, in many different ways.

#2 Daughter Of Satanic Serial Child Killer Pedo & Cannibal: Rachel Vaughan | True Crime Skype 9

Shaun Attwood interviews an Australian Rachel Vaughn about her corrupt and satanic father. He was involved in missing kids for pedophilia, cannibalism, murder, and satanic rituals. He was also a freemason, and his family life was filled with abuse.

Her father died in a nursing home from dementia at 88. Before he died, her father had asked one of her brothers to light a bonfire at the property, which smelt like burnt flesh and hair.


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